Walton's 4-40 Saddle Height Adjusting Screw Kit

Walton's 4-40 Saddle Height Adjusting Screw Kit
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It seems that often the setscrews that are used to adjust the height of the saddles in many tremolos and bridges are too long, so that when the action is adjusted where you like it, the tops of the setscrews stick out above the saddles. The thread edges of those setscrews are sharp. There's no way around that, so they can be uncomfortable when playing, or even sometimes sharp enough to cause a cut.  The factory sells shorter screws, but to me even those screws are still sometimes too long, and there isn't a lot of choice in the lengths.  Another problem is that they use cup point screws that dig into the bridge, and have a small contact area. I got tired of looking for the right kind and lengths of setscrews in the guitar supply places, and decided to put together these kits. These screws have a flat point for greater contact and sustain.

Lots of guitar techs shorten the screws by grinding off the points, but I have already taken care of that by supplying them in 1/16 inch length increments, with a 1/32 inch increment in the most commonly needed sizes. I was able to source all the needed lengths but one, (9/32 length) so for that one I do grind them down accurately, run them through a die to make sure they will start properly, and then re-blue them gunsmith style.

These fit Stratocaster, PRS, Tele Deluxe and others that use 4-40 thread setscrews.  I include a high quality long handle alloy steel .050 hex key (allen wrench), and 24 top quality setscrews in the following sizes:

  • 4 each  3/16 length     (Same length as saddles)
  • 6 each ¼  length         (Same length as PRS and Fender Short)
  • 4 each 9/32 length      (Shortened by S.W.)
  • 6 each 5/16 length      (Same length as Fender Medium)
  • 4 each 3/8 length        (Same length as Fender Long)

So put an end to all that aggravation, and stop tearing up your picking hand. Get the right length and kind of saddle height screws. You can solve this problem for no more than the cost of a combo meal at a fast food joint. You're probably not going to find them anywhere else unless you do what I did and buy them in bulk from the industrial supply places, or grind them down yourself.   Black Alloy Steel.


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