Vacuum Tube, 6L6GC-STR TAD (Factory Matched Pair)

Vacuum Tube, 6L6GC-STR TAD (Factory Matched Pair)
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Vacuum Tube, 6L6GC-STR Factory Matched Pair Tube Amp Doctor

TAD 6L6GC-STR RCA-Style black-plate  (Tall Bottle)

TAD has the remakes of the all time favorite 6L6 classics of RCA and GE. The TAD 6L6GC-STR is the perfect choice for the tone of the rock legends with powerful deep bass and clear but pleasing airy top end. The new 6L6GC-STR has all the guts and bite to perfectly accomplish all the sounds from Rock to Metal.

STR stands for Special Tube Request. Back in the day, this designation indicated a special custom design for amp makers. This TAD 6L6GC-STR combines the famous reliability of the American made Philips/Sylvania STR series plus the beefed-up black-plate system like the highly regarded vintage RCA 6L6GC tubes. Silky top end combined with deep bass response and lots of headroom make this tube a living classic. The TAD 6L6GC-STR and the TAD 6L6WGC-STR have eclusive TAD black-plate desings, gold gird wire, double getter construction, no-noise filaments and 1.2mm thick heavy duty glass envelope.

The Tube Amp Doctor is a German Firm that designs tubes and has them manufactured to their specifications in China.   These tubes were probably made in the Sino factory in Beijing, then tested, sorted and matched at the factory in Germany.

Price is for a matched pair.

TAD 6L6GC-STR Datasheet

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