Tube Testing Service

Tube Testing Service
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Tube Testing Service   - Temporarily Unavailable -  My tester is down for service and calibration

If you are local, or are willing to ship me your tubes for testing, I have a good Hikok 6000 tube tester with very complete charts, and calibration tube. I will be happy to test your existing tubes (by appointment only). I can test most tubes for functionality and help you match your existing power tubes for transconductance (Gm) and plate current (Ip).  I charge $1.50 per tube for testing, but I will refund the testing fee entirely if you buy any new tubes from me within 30 days.  If you are in the Dallas, Texas area and would like to make an appointment, call me at 214-868-2266 or use the contact us page to send me a request for an appointment.   (Note: this is not exactly the same as complete factory tube matching, but it does help a lot and matches up well with several vendors results. My test setup measures Gm and cathode current while in the tester, which also includes a small amount of screen current. So I do a calculation to get idle plate current (Ip).  I can also set the bias for the tubes in most amps, on a time and materials basis if I have your amp in my shop.)

I have wholesale access to many more tube types than I can possibly carry in stock and I can order you just about any tube that is in current production and also many NOS tubes. If you would like to ship me your tubes for testing, just select the quantity of tubes you are shipping and please use the special instructions section at checkout to let me know how you are shipping them and for any special requests. Naturally, please package them very carefully. There will be an additional charge for return shipping by USPS strictly at my cost. The shipping calculator may not be totally accurate so I will refund any excess shipping cost.

This is as close as I can get to the idea of the old convenience store testers that used to be everywhere. Almost all of the power tubes I sell are matched either by the factory or by my suppliers.


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