Strings, DR Rare For Acoustic Guitar

Strings, DR Rare For Acoustic Guitar
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Handmade Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings wound on hex cores.  Low Tension.

The Rare phosphor bronze are a departure from the standard good quality bronze strings currently available. Not necessarily better, but different, possessing a new, different and stronger voice. They are loud and warm. We stock most common gauges in our shop for use on customer setups. Quantities in stock for immediate shipment are thus somewhat limited, as we like to keep them fresh. But we can special order larger quantities and some other gauges including a 12-string version, and get them in very quickly.  So if you don't see your favorite gauges or want to stock up with larger quantities, use the contact page to ask for a quote.

Based upon a hexagonal core, the Rare phosphor bronze strings are for those who like to hear their guitars ring out, and want a fatter, louder sound, and a deeper bottom. Good for archtops, dreadnoughts, bluegrass, and all around playing. Unusually long lasting.  Handmade in USA.

Price is for a single boxed set of strings, not including shipping.  Sometimes the shipping calculator may overestimate the cost on small items like this so if it overcharges you by more than half a dollar, I will refund any excess charges over the actual postage and my packaging cost.

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