String Protectors, Tefzel, for Stratocaster, SonnyW Brand

String Protectors, Tefzel, for Stratocaster, SonnyW Brand
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Sonny W's - No more breaking strings - E and B string protectors for Stratocaster®. Made of Tefzel ETFE.


  • 12 Pieces approximately 1 inch long
  • 3 Pieces approximately 4 inches long
  • Outside diameter .041, Inside Diameter .028

(Enough for at least 10 -12 restringings of your guitar)

One cause of string breakage is the sharp corner inside many tremolos. A well-known trick to prevent this is slipping a piece of insulation stripped from wire over the string to protect it from the sharp edge. That is exactly what this kit is for, but the difference is in the wire that the insulation has been stripped from. This insulation is stripped from Military Specification Mil-W-22759/32 - 22 awg Aircraft Wire, with incredibly tough extruded ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene) fluoropolymer insulation (Tefzel).

This is the best available material to do this job. It has a compressive strength of 2470 psi, and a hardness of 67 – 72 Shore D. That is about halfway between the hardness of a golf ball cover (57) and a bone saddle. (85-90). It is tough enough to protect the string and won’t take away any tone, or change your intonation settings when properly installed.

Before inserting the new string into the tremolo block slip a short piece of the insulation onto the string. Either the short 1” long pieces or the longer pieces will do. Pull the string through the tremolo block and make a mark just before where the insulation will meet the saddle. Then remove the string and cut off the excess insulation, then replace the string in the tremolo block and re-string normally. The end result should be that the short piece of insulation stops just before the saddle.

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