Strap Button Washers (Felt or Leather)

Strap Button Washers (Felt or Leather)
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Strap Button Washers - Felt  or Leather

These are 3/8 inch diameter strap button washers, hand punched by me right here in the good ol' USA from felt or leather.  Some guitar makers (like Fender) use felt washers under their strap buttons and some (like Gibson) don't.  The purpose of the washer is to protect the finish of the guitar, keep it from cracking or being dented in, and to give the strap button something to grip to besides the finish.  Admittedly, this is one of the the tiniest of details, but I like using them and haven't found ones exactly like I wanted.  So I make my own and have made available to you a larger selection of types and colors than you may find anywhere. Click through the photos to get an idea of the types available. More choices may be available in the drop down list, and these choices may change from time to time depending on what materials I find to use. Most of the replacement washers you will find are oversized and overpriced, and available in black or white felt only. Some say they wish the ones that are available were harder and tougher.  If you look hard enough you might find some leather versions available, mainly in the UK and Europe. Treat your guitar to a small luxury. These are very competitively priced, and properly sized to just fit the base of most strap buttons without bulging out, and are available in many colors and materials. Many if not most of the felt colors are made from EcoFi® a high quality polyester fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic drink bottles. The felt and ultrasuede washers (except for the 3 layer versions) are packed 8 to a bag, and the leather and the 3 layer ones are packed 6 to a bag. Chose the color and material you like.  (Personally, I like the light brown suede leather ones best.) If you like them thicker, at these prices you can use two of the felt ones, or just order the leather or heavy felt versions. The heavy leather ones are made from approximately 1 oz. leather and will compress to about 1/32 inch thickness.  You can also create your own assortment - there is a discount for 5 or more sets. Price includes shipping by First Class Mail, provided your total order including any other items is $5.00 or more.


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