Sonny W's High Grade Generic Nickel Wound Strings

Nickel Wound Generic Strings
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Sonny W's High Grade Generic Nickel Wound Steel Electric Guitar Strings

Doing setups and repairs, I go through a lot of strings, so I buy them in bulk, to save cost. I have tried quite a few types and found these particular sets to be pretty decent quality, and the price can't be beat. These are either name brand bulk quantity strings, or sometimes the generic OEM equivalents. I buy high grade nickel steel or nickel wound types. The manufacturers descriptions vary some but they are all nickel plated steel. At these prices, I can't mention names and it varies sometimes because I always look for the best deals, but you'd definitely recognize the makers most times. I stick with the same suppliers when I can, and keep them sealed up for freshness. Almost inevitably, when I have done a setup and leave them on a guitar and return it to the customer, I offer to put on fresh strings of their choice, and they will say " no these are fine, just leave them on".  Anyway I just repackage some of the extras I don't need with my label and pass the savings along to my customers.  Choice of .010 - .046 (Light) or .009 - .042  (Extra Light), and .011 - .049 (Medium) and sometimes other gauges when I can get them at a good price.

Price is per one set of 6 strings not including shipping.  Sometimes the shipping calculator may overestimate the cost on small items like this so if it overcharges you my more than half a dollar, I will refund any excess charges over the actual postage and my packaging cost.

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Price $3.65