Silver-Mica Capacitors 500v and up

Silver-Mica Capacitors 500v and up
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A nice selection of in-stock high quality silver-mica type capacitors I keep on hand. Silver-mica capacitors are good where small values with close tolerances and low tendency to drift with temperature or over time is needed.  They are good for high frequencies and have a high Q factor.  These are used in tube amplifiers, but more especially in the HF and IF sections of radios. A few are recent production, but those are getting harder to find and have become quite pricey lately. Most of these are New Old Stock (NOS) from a variety of makers. The maker if marked will show in the drop down list.  Many of these are by Cornell Dublier (CDE), (CDM) or Sanyo (SAN), (SA), (S) or Arco (AE).  A few sizes are El Menco (EM), Sangamo, Suntan (SM) or Soshin (SE), or KEC, RTM. Some are re-branded by American Distributors (ADI).  All are similar high quality.  If the selection box just says NOS it can be a mix of the above. Most are roughly the same physical size, with radial leads approximately 1.25 inches long unless noted, and at least 500 volts rated. The ones with 1" Leads were originally on auto insertion tapes. I have already removed them from the tapes and cleaned the leads so you don't have to go through that.  The physical sizes are somewhat larger for any of the values above about 500 pF.  

Use the drop down box to select the values, maker and tolerance you want. The prices vary according to availability and may change up or down slightly according to your selection. If you don't find the size you need I also may have a few 100 volt and 300 volt sizes that are not listed, or use the contact us page and we probably can get it or something close. Some sizes are in short supply. If you select more than the available quantity, only the amount available will be placed in your shopping cart. To make things simpler, backorders are not enabled on the web page, but I can usually get them for the most common sizes available, so if you need a different size, or more than the available amount use the contact page and I will do my best to get them for you quickly.

I test each one individually to be sure they are within tolerance before shiping.  So you won't have to worry about getting any duds. Depending on the quantity ordered, I may or may not mark the test results on the package insert, bag, or packing list.

Price is for a single capacitor.  Note that there is a $5.00 minimum total order.

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