Reproduction "Red Dime" .1 uF 50v. Ceramic Cap for Strat or Tele

Reproduction "Red Dime" .1 uF 50v. Ceramic Cap for Strat or Tele
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Reproduction "Red Dime" .1 uF 50v. Ceramic Cap for Strat or Tele

The tone capacitor can make a large difference in the tone of pickups when trying to replicate precisely the vintage Strat and Tele tones, even with the tone control set on bright. This is the same type of ceramic disc capacitor that was supplied in Stratocasters and Telecasters in the 1960's.  For Strat, after the Cornell-Dubilier ZNW1P1 paper-wax capacitors were dropped in the early 1960's, a reddish dime sized ceramic cap with a value of .1uF was used for several years then in about 1969 or 1970 the capacitor value was changed to .05 uf.  Hence the nickname "Red Dime" Cap. These are made from NOS .1uf capacitors, which are still from the 1960's or the 1970's but of a different brand. They have been re-symbolized by me to look the same as the originals. I use a similar symbolization process as would have been used in the 1960's. I test them first and carefully remove the original markings, before re-symbolizing them. Then I test them again before packaging and give you the test results marked on the package insert.  Most of the competition I've seen charges around $17-$18 each and doesn't give you individual test results, plus they charge extra for shipping on top of that. The shopping cart does not calculate the shipping cost very well, so I have included the shipping cost in the pricing and offer free shipping instead.

Notice: Due to the many recent price increases for First Class Mail, which is now often greater than $3.50, reluctantly I will have to increase the price for a single capacitor to $9.95 beginning on March 1. Orders of 2 or more will continue to be priced at $7.95 each.  This is for U.S. Sales Only.  If your shipping address or payment information is from outside the U.S. the checkout won't work. Email at contact us to inquire. I will have to charge for the international shipping cost. 

There are plenty of modern .1uf ceramic caps available, but they're all much smaller diameter, starting in about the 1970's. These larger diameter NOS ones seldom come up. I searched for several years before I found ones appropriate for the reproductions. I haven't found any more in the last few years, so when these are gone, they're gone unless I can source some more.  According to many players, the modern ceramic caps don't sound the same as the NOS variety, and the old type is much to be preferred.  I guarantee that you won't find a better value on this kind of a reproduction capacitor.  I've sold many hundreds of them, if not thousands, and never a single complaint so far.  And some of my customers might surprise you, they are some of the biggest names in the business. 

These are approximately .650 diameter, with 1.25" leads. The original tolerance on the vintage ones was +40% -20% (the X) but I test each one to be within a +/-20% tolerance, and mark it on the back of the card in the envelope. I include a short piece of yellow vintage style cloth insulation with each one, which is appropriate to the vintage installations. I also have the smaller and brighter 1970's .05uf variety available in another listing.  If you want to replicate the 1960's tones and look this capacitor is a must, unless you want to pay hundreds for the authentic originals if you can even find them.  Note that .1uf is quite dark by contemporary standards. The larger the uF value the darker the tone. Current models mostly use .022uF.  But the .1 uF value does sound good, especially with the Stratocaster for example if you are going for the Jimi Hendrix kind of tones.

If you are the type of person that doesn't want to use a reproduction and would rather have a NOS 1960's ceramic disc cap that has all its original markings intact, then use the contact us page to inquire. From time to time I have available NOS .1uF capacitors from AE (Arco), RMC (Mallory), CTS, and others.  Old ceramic capacitors have a tendency to drift in their values, but I might have something you could use.

Price is for a single capacitor and includes shipping by first class mail. Some of the photos show a pot for size reference- it isn't included, just the cap and insulation.

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