Reproduction "Phonebook" .1 uF 150v. "ZNW1P1" Capacitor

Reproduction "Phonebook" .1 uF 150v. "ZNW1P1"  Capacitor
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Reproduction "ZNW1P1" .1 uF 150v. Capacitor for Strat or Tele  "Phonebook Cap"

This is a replica of the Cornell-Dubilier ZNW1P1 .1uF paper-wax capacitors that were used in Fender guitars up until the early 1960's, sometimes called the "Phonebook Capacitor".  Some people also call this a "Chicklet" capacitor, but actually that is a slightly different thing, and I have some of them too.  While these are made with paper and wax as part of their construction, which in theory might contribute a tiny nuance to the tone, the real intent is to get the look of the vintage capacitor, not the construction.  I make these with a network of 4 .1uf modern axial multilayer ceramic caps under the cover. The leads are 22 awg tinned copper about 2 inches long, as were the originals.  Real paper-wax caps haven't been made in years.  There is good reason why, they weren't all that accurate or reliable, and were labor intensive to make.  These are good sounding, reliable, very accurate, and have the vintage appearance. Each one is tested and the results are marked on the package insert.

If you want to replicate the 1950's tones and look this capacitor is ideal, unless you want to pay hundreds for the authentic originals if you can even find them, or a lot more for other makers repros.  Note that .1uf is quite dark by contemporary standards. The larger the uF value the darker the tone. Current models mostly use .022uF.  But the .1 uF value does sound good, especially with the Stratocaster.  Also check the photos and be sure you have room in your guitar for these, they are large compared to modern caps. If anything, these may be a bit longer than some of the originals may have been. Otherwise the dimensions are the same as were advertised in the 50's. As a historical note, these were considered miniature condensers in their day. they were intended for hearing aids and other small package applications.  This capacitor was priced at 38 cents in the 1952 Allied Radio catalog. The CD Z series began to disappear from catalogs beginning in about 1953-4 but continued to be produced for a few years.

Price is for a single capacitor and includes shipping by first class mail. Due to the continual increases in the cost of postage, I have recently had to increase the price by a dollar, but you can get them for the old price if you order 2 or more.  It is still the best deal you will find.  Some of the photos show a pot for size reference- it isn't included, just the cap and insulation.

On a custom basis, I can make these in other values besides .1uf, if you want the vintage look but a more modern tone.   Options are  .01, .022 .033 and .047uf.  Also another possible option is using miniature Mallory 150 polyester capacitors instead of multilayer ceramics for the custom values up to about .04 uF.  Markings can be either left the same or updated to be accurate to the actual values. I can also age them darker than the ones shown.  If you would like to discuss custom options beyond those listed, just send a contact request.  Lead time on the custom versions is about 1-2 weeks. If you order one of the custom versions I will be in contact by email to get your preferences. Since I make them to your specs and don't stock them, your custom selection may show as backordered on your web order.


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