Reproduction Dumont .1 uF 150v. "22-1338" Capacitor

Reproduction Dumont .1 uF 150v. "22-1338"  Capacitor
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Reproduction Dumont "22-1338" .1 uF 150v. Capacitor for Harmony, Silvertone or Kay Guitar

This is a replica of the Dumont .1uF 150volt paper-wax, rosin coated capacitors that were used in Harmony and similar guitars in the 1950's. Other brands of capacitors were also used at times.  These have 22 AWG tinned copper leads, approximately 1.5 inches long. They are made over NOS film / foil capacitors from the 1960's and early 1970's. These reproduction capacitors are good sounding, reliable, very accurate, and have the vintage appearance. Or, at least they are just about as ugly looking as the originals are by now, and marked the same. A photo of one of the originals installed in a Harmony H44 guitar is on the package insert, which you can see for comparison, if you scroll through the photos. The finish on these is not pine rosin as the originals had, but is a proprietary combination of several layers of coatings made to give a very similar look. (It's mostly tinted lacquer and enamels) Each capacitor is tested and the results are marked on the back of the package insert before shipping.  Lengths of vintage looking varnished sphagetti tubing are included. Body of the capacitor is approximately 3/8 to 7/16 inch diameter and .9 inch long.

If you are restoring an old Harmony, Kay, or Silvertone guitar, these are an appropriate choice.

On a custom basis, I can make these in other values besides .1uf, if you want the vintage look but a more modern tone.   Options are  .022 uF and .047uf.  If you would like to discuss custom options, just send a contact request.  Lead time on the custom versions is about 1-2 weeks. If you order one of the custom versions I will be in contact by email to get your preferences. Pricing for custom versions may increase slightly, depending on your quantity requirements, since I make them to your specs and don't stock them.

Price is for a single capacitor and includes shipping by first class mail. Some of the photos may show a pot for size reference- it isn't included, just the cap and insulation.


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