Reproduction "Circle D" .05 uF Ceramic Cap for Strat or Tele

Reproduction "Circle D" .05 uF Ceramic Cap for Strat or Tele
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Reproduction "Circle D" .05 uF 50v. or 100v. Ceramic Cap for Strat or Tele  (Circa 1969- 1977)

After the Cornell-Dubilier ZNW1P1 paper-wax capacitors were dropped by Fender in the early 1960's, a dime sized ceramic capacitor with a value of .1uF was used for several years. (That one was nicknamed the "red dime" and I have a reproduction available in another listing)  Then in about 1969 the capacitor value was changed to .05 uF.  There were at least two styles used, the earlier one was a 50 volt version and a later one was a 100 volt version which was also marked Z5V. Sometimes they are called the "orange dime" and sometimes the "Circle D". Use the drop down options to select the one that is appropriate to your installation.

The logo on them was a D inside a circle.  Some people attribute these to Cornell Dubilier and some to Dearborn, but actually that isn't correct. The manufacturer was DIELECTRON who had the Circle D logo. (not shouting here, they really spelled it all caps - pun probably intended too IMO).  According to many players, the modern smaller ceramic caps don't sound the same as the NOS variety, and the old type is much to be preferred.  .05 uF isn't that common of a size, If you don't believe it, just try to find them online. NOS examples of these have become extremely hard to find. Customers have been asking me for them for years but I have had difficulty finding enough suitable examples to work from. Now I have located a small supply that are the appropriate physical and electrical sizes. They are genuine NOS and of a similar vintage but from a different brand, and I have re-symbolized them to get the vintage appearance. These are a very slightly darker color, but that can't be helped.  (I also have a very few genuine ones with short and formed leads in another listing, but these will perform and sound the same.)

The original tolerance on these was +80% -20%, but I test each one to be within a +/- 20% tolerance. (Most test within 10% or less)  I mark the tested capacitance value on the package insert. I include short pieces of yellow and black vintage rubberized fiberglass style insulation with each one, you can choose which one is appropriate to your installation.  Also in the package is a photo of an actual vintage installation for your reference. If you want to replicate the 1970's tones getting the capacitor right is at least part of that, and you aren't likely to find ones like this many other places.

Price is for a single capacitor and includes shipping by first class mail. .  Some of the photos show a pot for size reference- it isn't included, just the cap and insulation.

Notice: Due to continuing price increases for First Class Mail parcels, which is now often greater than $3.50, reluctantly I will have to increase the price for a single capacitor to $9.95 beginning on March 1. Orders of 2 or more will continue to be priced at $7.95 each.This is for U.S. Sales Only.  If your shipping address or payment information is from outside the U.S. the checkout won't work. Email at contact us to inquire. I will have to charge for the international shipping cost. 


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