Nisssei "Chicklet" 50v. Film/Foil Caps for Strat or Tele

Nisssei "Chicklet"  50v. Film/Foil Caps for Strat or Tele
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NOS  Nissei "Chicklet" .1, .047, or .022 uF 50v. Nissei Film/Foil Polyester Cap for Strat or Tele

For a short time in 1968, according to several sources, Fender installed a greenish polyester Nissei brand .1uF capacitor in Strats and Teles. Some people call this the "chicklet" capacitor. Others use that term for the Cornell Dublier paper wax version it replaced.  There is some controversy about whether this capacitor was ever even used- it is that rare. I have looked to find a photo of one of these installed in a vintage 1968 strat without success so far. But this item matches all the descriptions I have found, and regardless, it is a great sounding cap.  However, I have personally seen the .047 version factory installed in a 1988 MIJ Standard Stratocaster.  so I am offering all three of the common uF values.

If you do need this capacitor for a restoration, it is very hard to find. They do exist, and these are the real thing, a New Old Stock (NOS) part. I have a very limited supply of these. When they are gone there may not be any more that come up.  I test them before shipping to make sure they are in tolerance, and mark the value on the package insert.

Price is for a single capacitor and includes shipping by USPS First Class Mail. Some of the photos show a pot for size reference- it isn't included, just the capacitor.  

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