New Old Stock (NOS) Carbon Comp Resistors 1/2 W

New Old Stock (NOS) Carbon Comp Resistors 1/2 W
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New Old Stock (NOS) Carbon Composition Resistors 1/2 watt

Many believe that the properties of the old carbon composition resistors contribute to the pleasing sound of vintage tube ampifiers. They do have a voltage coefficient that is different than modern resistors. They are inherently non-inductive. And they are good at handling voltage surges. They look right too when installed as replacements in those vintage amps.  These used to be the most common type of resistor, but makers have been discontinuing production of them in favor of carbon film and metal film types since the 70's. So to repair your vintage amp, short of getting a time machine, setting it to 1965 and heading to a Radio Shack, you can go on ebay and scroll through pages of them from who knows who, and maybe find what you need but you will probably have to buy a bunch or pay through the nose for shipping from several sellers. Or if you are lucky, maybe you might find an old TV repairman's toolbox. Since the ohm values of these often have drifted higher over time depending on storage conditions and how they were made, sometimes half or more of what you get will be out of spec. I know this to be true from the school of hard knocks.  Or you could just get them from me - I have already done all that, and have here a good selection that I will individually test and ship right out to you. I think you won't find a better one stop shopping deal.

These resistors are all New Old Stock, and nearly all are USA made, Allen-Bradley, Stackpole, Ohmite, Speer, TRW, or IRC. Some are also Mil-Spec. A few may be Japanese or Mexico made, but still NOS from those same vendors. All have full length leads, usually 1.5 inch leads each side, but a few may have 25mm (1 inch) or packed on tape for auto insertion- which started in the '70s. Some may show their age a little. After all they are usually 30 or 40 years old if not more. These days I have to take what I can find. I've tried to note the ones with 1 inch leads or packed on tape in the drop down box.  Most have 5% or 10% tolerance marked, some are 20%. If they have drifted some I note the tolerance in the drop down box as 20%. I test them all before shipping, and already have culled out the duds, so you won't be disappointed.

These are very competitively priced at 90 cents each. Plus there is a discount for purchases of 25 resistors or more, and you can combine ohm values to get the discount.  I stock and list them all separately by brand if I know the brand for certain, so there will sometimes be some overlap in values, particularly in the most needed sizes. The discount will be reflected in your cart. This is a fairly comprehensive selection, but in some of the odd sizes there may be only one or a few available. Only the currently available amount will be placed in your cart if you order more than the quantity in stock.  Because availability is spotty, I haven't enabled backorders on these.  If you want a backorder, leave a comment in the special instructions box at checkout and I will try to find them. Or you may want to also check the available stock of new production carbon comp resistors still in distributor stock here, which are very similar, and which may include other values.

I know this is a long description, these days many people have short attention spans. But if you have hung in here this long, I'll bet you are definitely a true tone seeking afficionado/vintage amp-perfectionist.  So am I.  So if you want to see a photo, click the charts below. The charts are an inventory snapshot of what was available the last time I updated the photo inventory. I keep these in stock mainly for my amp repairs so the inventory doesn't get updated that often, maybe a couple of times a year.  Remember also that vintage amps mostly specified +/- 10% resistors, so if you don't see the exact value you are looking for there may be something else close enough, within the original tolerances. Or, you might be able to find the same value in the new current production carbon comp resistor list. There are some values that I have only a few of and haven't shown, so you could also use the contact form to ask if there is a particular one or two that you desperately need that aren't listed. I might have some or can find it from ones that have drifted close to the value you need.  My goal is mainly to help you find appropriate CC resistors to restore your vintage amps.  Also, my advice is for the best tone, you probably don't want to use carbon comps everywhere in your amp, and particularly not in the earliest stages of the signal path. See the reference info here. I add to this inventory whenever I can find them, but when they are gone it may take me some time to find more again if I even can. They are getting scarcer every day.

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