NOS 1970's .05 50v, Circle D Cap for Strat or Tele

NOS 1970's .05  50v, Circle D Cap for Strat or Tele
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NOS 1970's .050 uF 50v. Circle D Ceramic Cap  (Z5U)

These are not a reproduction, but a genuine new old stock Circle D brand .05uF 50v. capacitor, also known as the "orange dime" capacitor. This is the same brand, type and value as Fender used from about 1969, and at a price less than even some of the reproduction versions available.

After the Cornell-Dubilier ZNW1P1 paper-wax capacitors were dropped by Fender in the early 1960's, a dime sized ceramic capacitor with a value of .1uF was used for several years then in about 1969 or 1970 the capacitor value was changed to .05 uf.  I have a very few of these exact NOS value caps available here, although they have short and formed leads they are the exact same value and brand that was used by Fender.  There is a lot of BS about them out there, but these are the real and genuine NOS article. Anyway after that, both ceramic and polyester capacitors were used.  According to many players, the modern ceramic caps don't sound the same as the NOS variety, and the old type is much to be preferred.  .05 uF isn't that common of a size, If you don't believe it, just try to find them online. NOS examples of these have become extremely hard to find.  These do have short and formed leads, and the logo is a little different than some others that I have seen in vintage photos, but they are all I have come up with and it is just something you may to have to deal with if you want the real thing. I wish they didn't have the formed leads, but they are completely genuine from NOS stock, and I have searched for years to find even these examples.

The original tolerance on these was +80% -20% (same as the vintage ones) and I test each one to be within that tolerance. (Most test between .052 and .068 uF @ 1kHz)  I mark the tested capacitance value on the package insert. I include a short piece of yellow vintage style cloth insulation with each one, which is appropriate to the vintage installations. I'll let you straighten out and form the leads on them. I also have a reproduction of the darker toned 1960's .1uf "red dime" variety available in another listing.  If you want to replicate the 1970's tones getting the capacitor right is at least part of the ticket.

Price is for a single capacitor and includes shipping by first class mail. Some of the photos show a pot for size reference- it isn't included, just the cap and insulation.  Due to the free shipping, there is a price break for multiples.


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