NOS 1960's-70's Green CRL Ceramic Cap, and similar

NOS 1960's-70's  Green CRL Ceramic Cap, and similar
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NOS 1960'-70's Centralab (CRL) Ceramic Capacitor (Y5F) Green  - and similar substitutes.

These are not a reproduction, but genuine new old stock CRL (Centralab) capacitors, and a couple of very similar types. If you are looking for authentic vintage new unused CRL ceramic caps from the 1950'5 or 1960's, you probably already know the needed values just don't come up a lot, particularly in the green color. This might just be the most comprehensive selection you can find anywhere for these. Most of the 25 volt ones were in a box of electronic parts from an estate, and judging by the construction and from dates on most other parts in the box, are probably from before 1964. You can choose from either .01uF through .1uF values. .022 and .05 are the values most commonly found in vintage guitars that used them. Since these don't come up too often, there are several diameters and voltages.  For guitar tone capacitors, any voltage between 5 and 100 would be appropriate. These are green ceramic and on the body of most is marked Y5F, which is a code for the temperature characteristics. According to many players, the tiny modern ceramic caps don't sound the same as the NOS variety, and the old type is much to be preferred.  Some of them are quite old, for example .05 uF hasn't been a common size marking since the '60's. NOS examples of these are becoming much harder to find.  These are smaller than the "red dime" variety.  If you are looking for those, I have reproductions available here.  If you don't want the green ones, you might want to look at these orange 1970's ones. Certain players used these green CRL capacitors in their guitars, so if you are down to that level of detail and looking to build or modify a guitar with those kind of specs here are just about all the available choices that I have been able to find. I clean them up, and sort through and test and package each one individually and mark the result on the package insert, so you don't have to worry about getting some that have drifted too far. That can happen fairly often in 50 year old capacitors - for example like some of the ones you might find on eBay. More often than not, the sellers probably don't have the equipment needed to test them properly.

Since some of these are getting so hard to find, in the interest of keeping something similar available if I run out, I have offered a substitute which is a .022uF 10% 50v .298 inch diameter with 1 inch leads NOS high quality Taiyo Uden cap that looks and sounds very similar. I've also found a generic substitute for the .05 one, which is the next most scarce. Those are the only ones in this list that are not a CRL but they perform and look extremely similar. Meanwhile I'll cross my fingers and just keep looking for more of the old CRL ones. The diameters are noted in the drop down list. For example the .05 uF CRL 25v. is about .460 inch diameter, the .05 12v one is .261 diameter, and the .047 generic one is .300 diameter. The leads on all except the Taiyo and the generic .047 are 1.5 inches long. Those two have leads that are 1 inch long.  The original tolerance on these was typically more than +/-20%  but I test each one to be within that tolerance. I include a short piece of yellow vintage style cloth insulation with each one, which is appropriate to a vintage look in most installations.   The supply of most values is very limited, particularly the 25v versions and when they are gone I may not be able to find them again, though I am always looking for more.

Price is for a single capacitor and includes shipping by first class mail. Some of the photos show a pot for size reference- it isn't included, just the cap and insulation. Please note that due to the free shipping, there is a $5.00 minimum purchase required.


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