Mini Orange Dip type MKT Polyester Film (Mylar) Capacitors

Mini Orange Dip type MKT Polyester Film (Mylar) Capacitors
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These are type MKT (mylar) radial lead metallized film capacitors.  They are dipped in orange epoxy.  These are high quality audio grade 5% or 10% tolerance capacitors.  They look similar to but are smaller in physical size than Sprague Orange drops, and should not be confused with them.  Though they are not Sprague brand Orange Drops, these are still a much better grade of capacitor than what is typically supplied in many if not most production guitars, and should not be overlooked.  Almost all of the ones I stock are made in Korea by Pilkor, (founded in 1974 by Phillips) a few sizes may be made by other makers such as Merit.  Most are current production, a few sizes may be NOS. These are great tone capacitors for the average guitar and will fit in very nicely. I'd say at least 90% of players cannot tell the difference between these and the full sized orange drops, and they are a better deal.  All the electrical specs are exactly the same or better.

If your application is cramped for space, such as a pedal, or if you just want a great sounding high quality tone capacitor for the $, these are hard to beat.  The ones I call Mini sized are usually 250 volt rated, and about the same size as the capacitors typically supplied in most guitars. The Sub-Mini Sized ones are mostly 100 volt rated, and are a little smaller, about a quarter inch square by 1/8 inch thick.

Check the drop down box for uF values and physical dimensions.  I test each one before shipping to make sure they are in tolerance.

Price is for a single capacitor. There is a minimum total order of $5.00.  I do test these all individually before shipping to ensure that you get the values that you ordered.  Depending on the quantity, I may or may not mark all the test results on the bag or packing list.

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