LMS Vintage Style Pickup Set

Vintage Style Pickup for Stratocaster and similar guitars. Individual pickup for bridge position.
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LMS Vintage Pickup Set (Local Musician’s Special)  -  If you'd like to get those vintage tones, but don't want to spend more for a good set of upgrade pickups than you might have paid for the guitar you want to put them in, this is the set for you. The set includes all three pickups. The tonal character of these is good for blues, rock and roll, country, praise, or just all-around playing.  They have a clear, bell like, pure vintage kind of tone. All of the specifications have been thoughtfully chosen based on much research and experimenting to give you maximum versatility and best overall value in a vintage toned replacement strat pickup set. The bridge pickup often gets the most play, and is wound with vintage correct heavy formvar insulated wire. The neck and middle pickups are wound with special metric gauged wire, bought in bulk which enables the low price point of the set. (The metric wire gives DCR readings about 1k lower for these than for the formvar wire) The bridge is wound to match a 1958 example, about 5% over the average specifications for the 50's. This gives just a touch of the Texas tone, but without losing any of the vintage 50's character. The neck and middle are wound to an average of winding specifications from 1962, 1963, and 1964 samples. Of course, I don't own all those originals these are compared to, if I did I might not have to work. But I do have the specs that were taken years ago, and when wound to match them, with the original type of construction, the pickups all sound great. This set will compare well to any vintage toned strat pickups on the market, regardless of price point. The middle pickup is reverse wound reverse polarity (RWRP) standard, -for humbucking performance in switch positions 2 and 4. This set is a great value for upgrading the factory pickups in mid to lower priced guitars. 

  • Bridge Pickup - 42 AWG Heavy Formvar wire
  • Neck and Middle - special metric gauge wire
  • Grey Bottom Vulcanized Fiber Flatwork - double lacquer dipped
  • Vintage style cloth covered pushback lead wires
  • Vintage style mfg date stamped on flatwork
  • Choose standard, slight overwind, or maximum overwind options
  • .187 dia Alnico V Magnets - south polarity bridge and neck
  • RWRP middle pickup standard - non RWRP optional
  • Updated magnet stagger pattern for modern string gauges
  • 6.2-6.6 K Ohms DC Resistance Bridge, 5.0-5.2 K ohms Neck and Mid (41 wire)
  • Resonant Peak 9 - 9.5 kHz
  • Fully wax potted
  • Covers, Mounting Screws, tubing included, springs optional
  • Full custom shop individual test reports and wiring diagrams included
  • Made right here in Texas, U.S.A.

For value, this set is machine wound like most of the mid 60’s and later models were, but unlike the factory machine wound models, these are specially programmed by CNC to simulate vintage style hand winding patterns, determined by carefully unwinding good sounding hand wound examples.  The rest of the specs are also quite vintage with no shortcuts taken, and no cutting back on full custom shop quality.  If I was better known, I could get a lot more for these.  As a way of introducing myself, I'm selling this entire set for not much more than what some other independent makers charge for an individual pickup of comparable quality. This is a limited time offer so take advantage of the good deal while I'm still trying to get some momentum started.

If you'd like to hear some sound samples of this set, there are a couple on the home page of the regular website.


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