LMS Vintage Style Neck or Middle Pickup Individual

Vintage Style Pickup for Stratocaster and similar guitars. Individual pickup for bridge position.
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LMS Vintage Set Neck or Middle Pickup (Local Musician’s Special)  -  These are individual neck or middle pickups for anyone wanting to get the early 60’s vintage tones in a fully featured custom shop pickup set but without breaking the bank in the process. They are the same as the ones included in the LMS set. The tonal character of these is good for blues, rock and roll, country, praise, or just all-around playing.  They have a clear, bell like, pure vintage stratocaster kind of tone. All of the specifications have been thoughtfully chosen based on much research and experimenting to give you maximum versatility and best overall value in a vintage toned replacement strat pickup set. The neck and middle pickups for this set are wound with special metric gauged wire bought in a bulk buy, which enables the low price point. This wire is similar in appearance and close in overall diameter to traditional 42 AWG heavy formvar, but is slightly larger in gauge, and is much easier for me to work with. This is a really high quality premium specification wire, but with the large quantity buy, I obtained it at a great savings which I am passing on to you. When wound with this wire to vintage specs, the output and tone are very close to vintage but the DC resistance is about 1K lower than for the same winding with 42 awg. I give them the same winding programs as I would use with the vintage wire, and at least to me, the results are so close I can't tell the difference except for the DCR measurements.

  • Wound with metric gauged wire - 0.071mm (about 41 AWG)
  • Grey Bottom Vulcanized Fiber Flatwork - double lacquer dipped
  • Choose standard wind, slight overwind or RWRP options
  • Vintage style cloth covered pushback lead wires
  • Vintage style mfg date stamped on flatwork
  • .187 dia Alnico V Magnets - south polarity standard
  • Updated magnet stagger pattern for modern string gauges
  • 4.9 or 5.2 K Ohms DC Resistance
  • Resonant Peak 9.2 -9.9 kHz
  • Fully wax potted
  • Cover, Mounting Screws, tubing included, springs optional
  • Full custom shop individual test reports and wiring diagrams included
  • Made right here in Texas, U.S.A.

For value, these are machine wound like most of the mid 60’s and later models were, but unlike the 60's factory machine wound models, these are specially programmed by CNC to simulate vintage style hand winding patterns, determined by carefully unwinding good sounding hand wound examples.  The rest of the specs are also quite vintage with no shortcuts taken, and no cutting back on full custom shop quality. Use your ears and eyes, and leave your ohmmeter in your toolbox, and you will be amazed at the quality of these for the price. I'm offering these at a bargain price as a way of introducing myself to the community. I have quite a bit of this wire stashed away, but when it's gone I probably won't be able to offer this kind of pricing again.

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