Individual Kluson Double or Single Row, Safe-Ti-String PostTuner

Individual Kluson Double or Single Row, Safe-Ti-String PostTuner
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Replacing a vintage Kluson tuning key usually means you have to buy a complete set. But we have made these available as individual tuners, without jacking up the price, so you can keep your restored vintage guitar as original as possible but still functional.

These Kluson® Traditional tuners replace OEM keys used on many vintage instruments. This tuner has the oval metal button and the Kluson® designed safety string posts just like the originals but with the improved 15:1 gear ratio for more accurate and stable tuning. The 3 per side machinehead is available in either bass or treble side, and you can choose either the design with a double row of text on the back or the single row of text design. These are also available in the 6 in line design with double row of text. See photos. Tuner comes with an 8.8mm O.D. vintage bushing with 1/4 inch I.D. and mounting screw.  Nickel finish. Price is for one tuning key. The default image shown is for a 3 per side treble side key.  Looking at the back of the headstock of the guitar, with the Kluson deluxe marking showing correctly, the bass side tuners have the shaft and key to the right. The treble side tuners have their shafts and keys to the left. The 6-in-line tuners are for a right handed guitar. If you don't find the exact design you need, or if you need more than the available quantity, I may be able to special order them, use the contact page to inquire.

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