Humbucker Custom Wind -Open (No Cover)

Humbucker Custom Wind -Open (No Cover)
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Here is your chance to have a custom vintage toned humbucker made up to your individual preferences. These are loosely based on the Patent Applied For (P.A.F.) specifications. Many options are available. Compare these to any other vintage clones, boutique humbuckers, or to expensive genuine originals. I am willing to say that you probably won’t find many better made than these, but as with any pickup, the final test is with your ears, your amp, and in your guitar. This is a custom order item, so expect at least a 2-3 week lead time. Once you place your order, I will be in contact by email to work out the exact specifications with you. This will be easier if you have in mind several commonly available humbucker pickups that you have played or are familiar with to use as comparison standards. If I have the comparison pickup in my library, or can get a copy to test, your test report will be in comparison to the the reference pickup you choose, but with more of what you like or less of what you don't. You can choose some options when you add the item to your cart, but you can change them once we get in contact by email. The price shown is a ballpark figure and will vary according to your custom design, and will usually be less.

 Standard Features –

  • Nickel silver alloy vintage correct baseplate. Choice of string to string spacing (49.2mm, 50mm, 52mm, and 53mm possibilities available)
  • Short baseplate legs standard, vintage correct long legs optional
  • Long bar rough cast magnet standard, (M55 vintage specs)
  • Alnico II neck, Alnico 5U bridge magnet standard or your choice of magnet alloy (A2,A3,A4,A5,or C8, or even N48)
  • ABS bobbins standard, Butyrate optional at increased cost (49.2mm only)
  • Shielded 4 conductor silver teflon leads standard, shielded vintage pushback leads optional 
  • Vintage accurate internal lead connections and vintage correct paper tape binding
  • Vintage correct metal alloy polepieces, keeper, and slugs
  • Vintage correct brass baseplate screws
  • Wax potting standard on ABS versions, and optional on butyrate
  • Very slightly unbalanced windings, a little heavier to the screw pole side
  • Choice of black, zebra, or reverse zebra bobbins. cream available, requires plastic cover
  • Optional bobbin overlays (increased cost) Abalone, Angel Wing, Exotic Woods, etc.
  • Mounting screws and springs included
  • Very detailed electrical test report comparing to a vintage example included
  • 7.9-8.1 K ohms DC resistance standard,  over/underwind % optional.
  • Plain enamel 42 AWG magnet wire coils – CNC machine wound to vintage pattern
  • Curly maple hardwood spacer standard, many other hardwoods optional

Vintage P.A.F.’s were always machine wound. I have carefully programmed my winder through much research and testing to match not only the vintage winding patterns, but also electrical tests and audio spectrums. I have searched very hard for suppliers to provide vintage correct materials and still have to hand make some of the components of these to get the kind of tone I am seeking. I also offer the unique custom option of bobbin overlays with a veneer of real exotic woods, actual shell, or thin tortoiseshell laminate. The extremely thin veneers are laminated on to standard bobbins by hand using epoxy and then hand worked and polished to perfection. See the list of currently available materials here. Also note that double cream bobbins must be shipped with a cover due to an existing patent. I supply a plastic one. I have spares available if you forget to install it.  Since these pickups are individually designed and custom made, I don't have specific sound clips to load, but these are going to sound somewhat similar to the ones on the home page.

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