Handwound Texas Blues Model Pickup

Vintage Style Pickup for Stratocaster and similar guitars. Individual pickup for bridge position.
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Texas Blues Hand Wound Pickup   -  These are a little ruder version of the vintage model, handwound with a few more turns of wire, and using 42 spn wire instead of heavy formvar. Admittedly, these are clones of similarly made custom shop pickups with similar sounding names, made using similar wire, but you won't find any that are better made. The winding ohms are the same as most other Texas type models, and the rest of the specs are straight from the 50's. Anyhow, it just wouldn't be right for a pickup maker based in Texas not to offer something like this.  You can choose either standard (which is already a little overwound) or 10% overwind over that. These are for any position, choose the winding to suit your needs. Or choose the set which is a standard wind for the neck and a 10% overwind for the bridge, with a RWRP standard wind for the middle.  You can choose among several options of cover colors. 

  • Hand Wound with 42 AWG spn wire
  • Black Vulcanized Fiber Flatwork - double lacquer dipped
  • Vintage style cloth covered pushback lead wires
  • Beveled .195 diameter Alnico Magnets
  • Alnico 5 magnet alloy
  • Vintage magnet stagger pattern
  • South Magnet Polarity Standard (north on RWRP middles)
  • Fully wax potted
  • Your choice of cover colors from available options
  • Mounting Screws, rubber tubing included, springs optional
  • RWRP middle pickup comes with black and yellow pushback leads
  • Full custom shop individual test report and wiring diagrams included
  • Custom made right here in Texas, U.S.A.

Get that Texas tone with a top quality custom shop pickup that's really made in Texas. 

(Well, at least you can get the pickups from us, you're on your own to sound like Stevie Ray.)

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