Extend lead service on Bumblebee Caps

Extend lead service on Bumblebee Caps
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The genuine bumblebee capacitor pulls have short leads, as they have been previously installed in vintage electronics, usually Hammond organs. This lead length often needs to be extended for installation in a guitar.  If you are not comfortable doing this job yourself, I offer a service of professionally extending the leads with 20 AWG tinned copper lead wire to the full length of 2 to 2.5 inches as they originally came. There will be an additional lead time for this service.

Mylar-Paper (DiFilm) Versions (no oil filler tube)

To make a secure joint, for the ones without the oil filler, I use silver solder and a jeweler's micro torch to make a lap joint and then peen and file it down to approximately the original diameter. Then I tin plate the joint for appearance sake.  The silver solder I use (Easy Flow or Extra Easy) has a melting point of about 1300-1325 F which is low for silver solder, but it is much higher than the melting point of ordinary electronic solder. This allows the capacitor to be soldered in without worrying that the extension joint will come loose.  I use heat sinks so as to minimize the amount of heat that gets transferred to the capacitor itself. This process makes a very strong and good looking joint. (Click the photo to zoom in.)  I have tested the capacitance before and after this procedure and there is very little if any change to the capacitance.

Oil Filler tube Versions

Since the oil filler tube is sealed with solder, I can not use the silver solder method on that end of the cap. So I use a different method, for that end of the cap. I join the new wire with my soldering station, using Kester Lead Free solder that is 96.3 percent tin, and 3.7 percent silver. This solder has a slightly higher melting temperature (430 F) than the regular tin-lead solder (probably around 361-374 F) which is sealing the tube.  To avoid excess heat, I just do a simple lap joint and don't try to make it smaller.  This can be covered with varnished spaghetti tubing, which I supply.  This method gives a joint that has a higher melting point than the solder needed to install the cap in the guitar, but care is still needed so as not to overheat the filler tube. Of course this would be necessary with a new bumblebee as well.  I do use the jewelers silver solder method on the other lead.

In either case, I will include a small amount of Kester SN62PB36AG02 Silver bearing no clean solder for use in the installation. This has the lowest melting point of any of the commonly available solders, 354 F.

This service is for extending both leads of one capacitor. (Cap not included)  If you require this service on bumblebees purchased from me, just add the appropriate quantity to your order.  If you want me to extend the leads on capacitors you already own, you can order just this item, and then please send me an email so we can arrange shipping.


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