60's Vintage Style Pickup Custom Wind

Vintage Style Pickup for Stratocaster and similar guitars. Individual pickup for bridge position.
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  • Item #: 1379

60's Vintage Style Custom Wound Pickup   -  This is a custom wound version of the LMS Bridge pickup design (MU58SLB) item no 1378. If you don't see what you are looking for in the regular model, you can have it your way with this one. When you order, include your email and phone number and we will communicate with you about your requirements and work out your individual options choices. Or just use the Contact Us page to send an inquiry. There is no price increase for any of the available options. You can choose the magnet alloy and winding heat (within some limitations), as well as the usual options of cover colors.  These can be wound for any position, including RWRP middle. For the custom wind versions, all positions use the vintage correct heavy formvar wire that was used up to about 1964, or you can choose the plain enamel wire that was used for about the next ten years after that. These are wound specifically to your order and not kept in stock. Lead times for custom wound pickups can be up to 2-3 weeks. These are proof that custom doesn't always have to be expensive.

  • Wound with 42 AWG Heavy Formvar or Plain Enamel wire - your preference
  • Choose your heat level - subject to bobbin limitations
  • Grey or Black Bottom Vulcanized Fiber Flatwork - double lacquer dipped
  • Vintage style cloth covered pushback lead wires, or your choice
  • Vintage style mfg date stamped on grey flatwork or leave off
  • .187 diameter Alnico Magnets or .195 - your choice of A5 or A2 alloy or mixed
  • Custom magnet stagger pattern possible according to available sizes
  • Fully wax potted - or your choice
  • Cover, Mounting Screws, tubing included, springs optional
  • Full custom shop individual test report and wiring diagrams included
  • Custom made right here in Texas, U.S.A.

For this price point the pickup will be machine wound like most of the mid 60’s and later models were, but specially programmed by CNC to simulate vintage style hand winding patterns. Outside of that, the rest of the specs can be quite flexible, within the range of materials and techniques that were used by the factory for any given year from the late 50's through the end of the 60's.

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Price $75.00