50's Vintage Style Pickup Handwound Model

Vintage Style Pickup for Stratocaster and similar guitars. Individual pickup for bridge position.
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50's Vintage Style Hand Wound Pickup  -  These are hand wound versions of the vintage single coil pickups of the 1950's. These are made to recreate the originals as closely as possible. That means they have a cleaner, brighter more vintage tone than the usual stratocaster pickups found today, but with slightly lower output. You can choose your heat level in 5% increments from the average of the specs of examples from 1954-1959 which is about 6k or 8000 turns. The more overwind, the more output and mids, but less highs and clarity. There is no price increase for any of the available options. You can choose among several options of cover colors. 

  • Hand Wound with 42 AWG Heavy Formvar wire
  • Choose your heat level - 5% increments
  • Black Vulcanized Fiber Flatwork - double lacquer dipped
  • Vintage style cloth covered pushback lead wires, or your choice
  • Beveled .195 diameter Alnico Magnets
  • Alnico 5 magnet alloy
  • Vintage magnet stagger pattern
  • South Magnet Polarity Standard
  • Fully wax potted
  • Your choice of cover colors from available options
  • Mounting Screws, rubber tubing included, springs optional
  • Full custom shop individual test report and wiring diagrams included
  • Custom made right here in Texas, U.S.A.

The pickup will be hand wound like the factory models were up until about 1965.  These are exactly the same as the custom model, except most options are already picked, and we try to keep them already made up and stocked. You won't find a better made 1950's reproduction pickup for strat type guitars than these. If you'd prefer more output with a little ruder, more Texas tone, take a look at the Texas Blues models, which are constructed similarly to these but with more turns of a different wire.

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Price $75.00